Hi! So nice that you have found yourself to my site. I'm Tuomas but my friends call me Tumu.

I live in Tampere, Finland and work in the Nordic HQ of energy technology - in the coastal pearl of a city called Vaasa. At ABB my job is to keep the business booming and bring the globally rising smart grid investments home to our factory. I'm also happy to be part of our R&D activities as a project coordinator - after all I am an engineer.

Still I'm maybe not a typical engineer. After studies in energy economics in the lovely Vienna, Austria and through my striking experience in enterprise communication I feel that I have something to give back to the society.

I love writing as it is an enjoyable way for me to express myself. Hope you enjoy it too.


From Baseball To World Class Energy Debate

I'm originally from a small town called Pyhäjärvi in the middle of Finland. When I was six we started to play Finnish baseball. It's a bit like baseball but better. No offence, but this was also the conclusion of Wall Street Journal when they wrote about the sport. See the fine article here: What Finland can teach America about baseball.

I continued until university, and then focused on different student projects: I was the editor in chief of our student radio station. I co-authored the history of our guild after a year as the chairman of board. University time was sadly but with determination the end of my baseball career. It was time to hit the professional life.

My major was power plants and combustion technology. So I know something about burning wood and other stuff with good heat values. I'm also able to fire up the stove in sauna. Trust me!

It's btw important to start with small amount of thin, dry wood. Then gradually add bigger firewood as the flame grows. Sounds simple but many forget this.

In Vienna University of Technology we started to ponder what is the lifetime of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, if one should burn stuff in the first place and what sort of consequences energy use has on the environment and human health. Smog is not neat.

Luckily we have alternatives. Is nuclear power the answer to the growing global energy consumption or will the fast reduction in cost of photovoltaic cells take over the market? Or both?

In different parts of the globe the answers might also be different.

Energy Ambassador

I jumped off from an airplane due to my job. Being the energy ambassador was an incredible experience. The job led me to meet CEO's and high managers, experts and proud, skilled workers of companies like Wärtsilä and ABB. All together I visited 12 companies during 12 weeks and blogged, vlogged and shouted out on the streets the learnings from this awesome summer job.

This is where it all kind of started back in the days.

I was nominated out of over 1600 candidates during multiple interviews and tests to tell the story of the city of Vaasa, where an outstanding amount of quality companies have worked together for decades and are today making one third of all energy industry exports in Finland.

Below embedded is the greeting I made in 2012 for the at the time United States' ambassador in Finland Bruce Oreck, to sum up my experiences in a few minutes. Time flies.

If not before, the Energy Ambassador job gave me the last fundamental push to the world of energy. I then went on to finish my studies in Tampere University of Technology, and applied to ABB for a Master's thesis position.

Best Thesis In Energy Economics

Apparently I did something right at the end of my academic career. My thesis, that I did for ABB in 2014, titled "The evolving requirements for smart secondary substations in three European regulatory market environments" was nominated by the World Energy Council Finland as the best in energy economics context in 2014.

Kuva: Olli Häkämies
From left: Lauri Virkkunen, COB for World Energy Council Finland, CEO of energy corporation Pohjolan Voima; myself; Valtteri Vainio who was awarded for the best thesis in energy technology context, and professor Jorma Routti. Photo: Olli Häkämies // See full article on ABB web page (in Finnish)


 Seven thesis from Finnish universities were named to the judges by their professors.

The judges were

  • Professor Jorma Routti (chair), who has made an exceptional career e.g. as a professor for technical physics in Helsinki University of Technology, researcher in CERN, Director-General of DG XII Science, Research and Development of the European Commission and as an expert for the World Bank
  • D.Sc. (Econ.), docent Juha Honkatukia from VATT institute for economic research
  • Pekka Järvinen from Suomen Energiaekonomistit, member association of International Association for Energy Economics (IAEE)
  • Stefan Wilhelms, an associate vice president for Nasdaq OMX Commodities
  • Lauri Muranen, from World Energy Council Finland (secretary)


Day job

After the thesis I have been working at ABB. I’m currently working as an Area Sales Manager for certain markets in Eastern Europe and South America. On top of sales activities I have been for the last one and a half years coordinating a pilot project. This globally unique smart grid pilot project aims for improving reliability of electricity distribution and creating conditions for utilizing renewable energy sources ( solar and wind) also in local households.  

So basically I’m managing certain R&D activities with responsibilities on sales. It’s certainly interesting to be in the middle of the change!



The reason that I'm active in the energy discussion is the need for well founded arguments on which direction Finland and EU should take when fighting global warming. The following graph shows the historical and estimated decline in fossil fuel use as percentage of the total energy consumption in Finland. Upmost curve is total fossil fuels, black is oil, red is coal, blue is natural gas and golden one is peat, here put together with the older fossil fuels.Hiilineutraali-polku


This is what we are dealing with. The system will change in the coming decades and we need to be ready in advance. The content of my blog can be summed up in the following bullets.

  1. Get your facts straight
  2. Magnitudes are what matters
  3. The goal - better life for the people

There is need for objective discussion, argumentation and decision making. Quite often the debate focuses on wrong or irrelevant issues. What would matter the most is sometimes not seen by the eager debaters. We should focus on the main goal, common for all people on this globe - making the decisions that ensure the possibilities of good life and equal opportunities also for the generations that are to come.


The articles in this blog are dealing with complex issues in an understandable way. Even after great precision sometimes an error might be found in an article. If this would happen, I highly appreciate feedback in the comments section or via email. Opinions can be debated, facts must be checked. Discussion is the only and best way toward our common goal.

The blog expresses my personal opinions only and is not related to my employer or any third party or other organisation.



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